Summer Art Camps at AcA 2017

Summer Art Camps at AcA offer creative, challenging and fun hands-on experiences for children. We believe in an approach to teaching and learning that employs stimulating ideas like inquiry and self-expression. Our Teaching Artists bring an exceptional breadth and depth of experience as working artists and educators. They have extensive backgrounds working with children of all ages and learning levels. The camp staff work together to design innovative and challenging activities that provide campers the opportunity to express their creativity!


Art Masters, Old and New

May 30–June 2

Ages: 6–12

Single days or whole week options

Artists are inspired by the work of those who came before them. Many of the old masters are credited with developing styles that still inspire us today. In this camp, we'll explore very young artists from around the world who have been inspired by some of the old master artists.

Session ID Session Name Date
1a (section full) Abstract expressionists May 30
1b (section full) Cubists May 31
1c (section full) Impressionists June 1
1d Pop art June 2

Monster Mash: Sculpture (section full)

June 5–9

Ages: 8–14

Whole day/whole week camp

Let loose your imagination and create monster characters that are goofy or ghoulish! Learn sculpture techniques using paper, wire, clay and more!

Art in Nature: Drawing and Painting

June 12–16

Ages: 6–14

Half-day or whole day options

Learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques drawing from nature for inspiration. Whatever your level of experience, teaching artists will help you develop new skills!

Session ID Name Ages Times
3a. (section full) Drawing 6–9 9:00–12:00
3b. (section full) Painting 6-9 1:00–4:00
3c. Painting 10–14 9:00–12:00
3d. Drawing 10–14 1:00–4:00

Art Safari: 2-D & 3-D Exploration

June 19–23

Ages: 6–14

Half-day or whole day options

This mixed-media class is perfect for the artist who likes to experiment with different materials. Using the theme of animals, we'll explore art on flat paper using drawing, painting and collage techniques and then take it into the third dimension with paper, wire and clay sculpture.

Session ID Name Ages Times
4a. (section full) 2-D 6–9 9:00–12:00
4b. (section full) 3-D 6-9 1:00–4:00
4c. 3-D 10–14 9:00–12:00
4d. 2-D 10–14 1:00–4:00

Passport to the Arts

June 26–30

Ages: 6–12

Single days or whole week options

Explore world cultures through art making. This multicultural art camp encourages children to explore the vitality of other world cultures through the visual and performing arts.

Asia • June 26–30
5a. (section full) Japan June 26
5b. (section full) Taiwan June 27
5c. (section full) China June 28
5d. Turkey June 29
5e. India June 30

Africa • July 3, 5–7
Session ID Title Date
6a. Egypt July 3
6b. Morocco July 5
6c. Zambia July 6
6d. Seychelles July 7

Young Masters Series

July 10–14

Ages: 6–12

Single days or whole week options

Get to know some of the world's most celebrated artists in this camp. We'll learn about the artists and experiment with the techniques that made them famous!

7a. (section full) Paul Cezanne (Still life compositions)
7b. (section full) Georgia O'Keeffe (nature abstracts)
7c. (section full) Gustav Klimt (symbolist painting)
7d. (section full) Deborah Butterfield (sculpture and collage)
7e. (section full) Joan Miro (fantasy skyscapes)


  • Snacks and materials included in registration fee.
  • Camps are Monday–Friday from 9:00–4:00. Half-day options are either 9:00–12:00 or 1:00–4:00.
  • Morning and afternoon snacks are provided. For all day camps, you send a lunch.
  • All supplies and materials are included in the registration fee.
  • Extended day options are offered from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM. $10 per day for morning or afternoon. $18 per day for both.


  • 5 day, whole day camps are $180 for AcA members/$200 for non-members
  • 4 day, whole day camps are $145 for AcA members/$160 for non-members
  • Half-day camps are $100 for AcA members/$110 non-members
  • Single day camps are $40/day for AcA members/$45 for non-members
  • 5% sibling discount on the second child registered


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